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Seamless Lead Capture Across Platforms

Connect, Convert, Conquer: Unleash Your Leads Across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and IVR!
Facebook/Instagram Lead

Integrate with FaceBook to capture leads directly

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Import from Excel

Import bulk data

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Create Your own lead from Various Sources
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Whatsapp Lead

Convert your interactions into leads easily

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Lead From IVR

Connect IVR Calls to leads

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Empowering functionalities that elevate your experience

Rapid and precise call handling and lead management software
Reminders Module

So that you never miss a follow-up

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Get Alerts

Get Alert on WhatsApp, Mail and Mobile app

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Connect with leads on their favourite platform

With all the important WhatsApp features and automation


To send personalised messages to leads within seconds

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To send WhatsApp messages without saving numbers

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Official API

To send WhatsApp messages with buttons

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To engage with leads 24x7

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To engage multiple leads in one click

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