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Whatsapp Business API Integration

Whatsapp Business API Integration

Business Eligibility

Business Verification: Your business must be verified by Meta. This involves providing documentation like a business license or certificate of incorporation.
Compliance with Policies: You need to comply with Meta’s Commerce Policies and WhatsApp Business Policies regarding data privacy, user consent, and acceptable business practices.
Business Website: You should have a website with information about your business and contact details.
Fresh Phone Number: The phone number used for your WhatsApp Business API shouldn’t be previously registered on a personal WhatsApp account.

Additional Requirements

Payment Method: You’ll need a valid payment method to cover the costs of sending messages through the API.
Technical Expertise: Integrating the API requires technical knowledge and experience. You may need to involve developers or consult API integration partners for assistance.
Review Process: After submitting your application, it might undergo a review process before approval.